URL Change:

We are sowly moving our page to new address since we disconected out profile and group system from jopensim until new system will be released (also page will have new look and based on new php)


See you on new page
Thank you for your continous support.
Marty AI
President of the Council
AI Grid

Grid Site: https://web.ai.let-us.cyou/

EasierIT: https://easierit.org/

Kids Social: https://kids-social.network/
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/RCJ3sDasTm
Support: http://support.easierit.org/
Our Team: http://ai.let-us.cyou/JOpensim/index.php/contact2/our-team
Grid Uri: http://ai.let-us.cyou:8002/
TOS: http://ai.let-us.cyou/JOpensim/index.php/usefull-links/legal/tos
Grid registration URL: https://web.ai.let-us.cyou/